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Blog : Philosémitisme

Le Labour s'attaque à l'antisémitisme mais en France c'est l"'islamophobie" qui agite les socialistes

Alors que le Labour s'attaque à l'antisémitisme en France les socialistes ont d'autres préoccupations - ils se demandent si l'"islamophobie" est l'antisémitisme du 21e siècle...

@ The Spectator: François Hollande has found a shameful saviour. The French president is looking more hopeless than ever. But he has good reason to be plotting a run for re-election.


"Meanwhile the country's intellectuals, traditional reservoir of energy and inspiration for the left, are in equal disarray. Whereas the Labour party in Britain is racked by accusations of anti-Semitism, the socialist movement in France is in crisis on the question of ?Islamophobia'. Is ?Islamophobia' the ?anti-Semitism of the 21st century'? Or is it ?a meaningless slogan designed to undermine the secular state'? Among the political philosophers the insults are flying thick and fast. ?Islamo-gauchiste!?, ?Obscurantiste!?, ?Multi-culturaliste!? Some favour ?left-wing nationalism' in defence of the secular, anti-clerical values of the republic; others preach an all-out attack on the free-market economy with a programme of renationalisation; still others want to abandon the ?dinosaurs' of the Socialist party and start from scratch.

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